Important with good indoor air

You know that an adult breathes about 25 kilos or 20,000 gallons of air a day? Or that we Swedes spend 90 percent of our time indoors? That's why it's so important for us to have clean and fresh indoor air, both at home and in our workplaces.

With EKOion you get clean air and a large proportion of the polluting particles are incapacitated. EKOion has developed new products for modern ionization that mimic nature and give us cleansing air indoors, without the formation of ozone.

Unfortunately, it is not a given that the environment we are in has clean air. There are many workplaces where building materials, furniture, cleaning products and office machinery emit substances that pollute the air. Among the worst pollution is our computer screens. In addition, we emit carbon dioxide and microparticles that our colleagues are forced to inhale. 

Work environments such as hospitals, waiting rooms, car halls, garbage rooms and various industries also need air purification, not only to remove microparticles, but also bad smells, pollutants and bacteria. These cannot handle ordinary ventilation systems to remove.

The history of ionization

Albert Einstein suspected at the turn of the century that it was not ozone that made his lung-sick relative healthy, as was claimed during his stay at the sanatorium in the Swiss Alps. It prompted Einstein to start researching the light absorption of oxygen.

How ionization happens

EKOion's products mimic nature's own method of ionization.

Cost-effective and environmentally smart

EKOion ionization equipment allows you to circulate and ionize existing indoor air several times. It is estimated that between 30and 80% of indoor air can be recycled.