Ionization tubes

By a corona discharge, the ionization tube releases electrons that ionize the surrounding air’s oxygen molecules so that they become negatively charged oxygen ions. The number of oxygen ions varies according to the length, voltage and air velocity of the tube over the tube.

The electron tube is mounted transversely over the air direction and for an optimal sizing of oxygen ions an air velocity of 5 m / s is recommended over the tube.

The electron tube is recommended together with EKOion’s voltage generator M01-12 and M01-24. However, the electron tube is also sold as a spare part for replacement when the operating time is reached. Fits all ionization units with M5 thread in the base or with nut locking. 

The ionization tube is sold with a one-year operating guarantee. In order to maintain guaranteed function, the electron tube should be replaced after ap- prox. 8500 hours of operation or two years. EKOion Electron tubes are 100% recyclable. 

Model Tot. Length Rec. Airflow Power usage
Typ-C 165 mm 70-120 l/s 6 W
Typ-D 250 mm 150-240 l/s 8 W
Typ-E 365 mm 250-360 l/s 10 W
Typ-F 550 mm 500-700 l/s 12 W


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