Ionized air for depression

Ionized air for depression High concentrations of negative ions make winter depressed people feel better. There are lots of people who can tell their own unique stories about how ionized indoor air has made them feel better. And the fact is that high enough concentrations of negative air ions can be used as a method […]

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The history of ionization

The history of ionization Albert Einstein suspected at the turn of the century that it was not ozone that made his lung-sick relative healthy, as was claimed during his stay at the sanatorium in the Swiss Alps. It prompted Einstein to start researching the light absorption of oxygen. Let’s start at the beginning. In Switzerland,

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Cleaner air with ionization

Cleaner air with ionization With ionization, the air indoors is purified in the same way that nature purifies outdoor air. The result – a cleansing inhalation. When we add energy to the air, we set off a lot of electrons that move and form oxygen ions. Forming oxygen ions technically is something that humans have

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How ionization happens

How ionization happens EKOion’s products mimic nature’s own method of ionization. The air is the same as we have had on earth all these days, and it has not deteriorated. The air is, on the other hand, polluted by various substances and particles such as organic gases, bacteria, sulphur compounds and more. Nature, however, has

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