Garbage Room Unit

Lixo 100, 200 and 300 works very well for small premises with room size from 4-30 square meters.

Lixo products are our most sold units and are optimal for removing odors and flies.
When removing odors you also dicrease the risk for pests.

Our Lixo units are very easy to install on the wall and service friendly.

EKOion’s unit for garbage and waste rooms Lixo 100-300 is a stand-alone ionisation unit suitable for heavily polluted environments. The unit can be delivered with ei- ther C, D or E pipes. Suitable for rooms of size 4-30m2. Let the installer know your room size before ordering. The unit is also suitable for decontamination of spaces with strong odors, for example smoke-damaged spaces or for keep- ing mold growth down in basement spaces, crawl spaces and other exposed surfaces.

The unit is installed on a wall, ceiling or placed independently where ioniza- tion is desired. The unit is easy to install as it only requires a 230V electrical outlet to be commissioned.

The ionisation units are sold with a one-year operating guarantee. To maintain guaranteed function, the electron tube should be replaced after approx. 8500 operating hours or at most after two years. When replacing ionization pipes, it is also recommended to clean the supplied filter located in front of the fan.

EKOion’s electron tubes are 100% recyclable. When ordering new pipes as spare parts, the replaced pipes are advantageously sent back to EKOion, which sorts and recycles. Feel free to ask your seller for a return shipping slip.



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