EKOion Saddle is our in-duct series and a great compliment to the ventilation system. The saddle suits very well for energy optimization in commercial buildings, malls, airports and such like. Still our saddle is most popular within wastewater treatment facilities in ordet to remove strong odors and toxic gases such as hydrogen sulphide, ammonia and formaldehyde etc.

With our saddle-mounted ionization equipment, we supply a fully operation- al-ready ionization unit for mounting in supply air duct. By ionizing the oxy- gen molecules in the supply air duct, we supply the room with fresh and clean air. The air is cleaned where it is soiled.

The saddle is mounted on the supply air duct with the ionization tube pointing towards the air flow, for spiro ducts, attachments are sold as accessories.

For optimum sizing of oxygen ions, an air velocity of 5m / s is recommended in the duct where the saddle is mounted.

The ionization unit is supplied with a mounted pressure switch which man- ages the start / stop of the unit. On the power supply unit is an indicator light that glows red when the unit is in operation. The power supply unit is also equipped with a potential-free alarm contact. No other locking or starting equipment is necessary, just plug the plug into a 230V outlet.

The ionization tube is sold with a one-year operating guarantee. In order to maintain guaranteed function, the electron tube should be replaced after ap- prox. 8500 hours of operation or two years.

EKOion Electron tubes are 100% recyclable. When ordering new pipes as spare parts, the exchanged pipes are advantageously sent back to EKOion, which sorts and recycles.


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