Pump pit Unit

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EKOion’s Pump Pit Unit Model 2-E-V is developed for spaces with very demanding conditions and the odors are effectively eliminated.

By blowing a very high concentration of oxygen ions into the pool space with low flow, sewage odors, bac- teria and hydrogen sulphide where they are created are eliminated.By naturally purifying the air where it is at its worst in the pump pit, an acceptable work- ing environment is created in the pump housing, corrosion problems on electronic equipment and steel parts are avoided while the environment on the outside becomes odorless.

EKOion’s ionization equipment reduces harmful substances and bad smells. It is a very cost-effective solution compared to other purification methods, such as chemical.

Imagine a sewage treatment plant that does NOT smell like sewage.

The ionisation units are sold with a one-year operating guarantee. To main- tain guaranteed function, the electron tube should be replaced after approx. 8500 operating hours or two years. When replacing ionization pipes, it is also recommended to clean the supplied filter located in front of the fan.

EKOion electron tube is 100% recyclable. When ordering new pipes as spare parts, the replaced pipes are advantageously sent back to EKOion, which sorts and recycles. Feel free to ask your seller for a return shipping slip.


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