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  • Garbage Room Unit

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    Lixo 100, 200 and 300 works very well for small premises with room size from 4-30 square meters.

    Lixo products are our most sold units and are optimal for removing odors and flies.
    When removing odors you also dicrease the risk for pests.

    Our Lixo units are very easy to install on the wall and service friendly.

  • Ionization tubes

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    Ionization tubes Type – C, D, E and F are developed by us and does give optimal amount with ions and no ozone. This means that there are no health risks at all for people, animals and nature. With our ionization tubes you get a healthier indoor climate than the outdoor climate.

    Recommendations are to replace ionization tubes after 8500 operating hours, easy to disassemble and assemble.

  • Pump pit Unit

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  • Saddle

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    EKOion Saddle is our in-duct series and a great compliment to the ventilation system. The saddle suits very well for energy optimization in commercial buildings, malls, airports and such like. Still our saddle is most popular within wastewater treatment facilities in ordet to remove strong odors and toxic gases such as hydrogen sulphide, ammonia and formaldehyde etc.

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